14 reasons why you should foster with us

1. Owner founded and operated by two experienced social workers – Having people who have worked in social care for over fifty years means they really understand the work you do.

2. Joined up therapy – Understanding the impact of hurt on a child’s inner world is vital to their recovery – which is why we employ therapists to work 1:1 with children and carers.

3. Supervising Social Workers - With protected caseloads (no more than 10 carers) our staff are always there when it matters.

4. Dedicated Therapists – With two thirds of children in care having experienced abuse or neglect, our therapists, together with you, can help children to recover from their experiences.

5. Local Monthly Support groups – We know foster care can be isolating, which is why our carers really enjoy meeting with like-minded people, both carers and staff to receive a helping hand.

6. Bespoke local support – We know that a regular break for you and fun time for the children can work wonders, that’s why unlike most agencies, we allocate a named support worker for children placed with us. Each worker is supervised and therapeutically informed.

7. Expert clinical support – No one has all the answers - that’s why we work in partnership with the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust to provide bi monthly group consultation with a psychologist and family therapist for our staff.  Carers can also attend when needed.

8. Dedicated respite carers - Three weeks paid holiday. Every full-time carer is allocated two respite carers.  This ensures that if and when a child requires respite care, that they will experience consistent relationship-based care.

9. Robust Out of Hours service (OOH) - We know that fostering is a 24/7 role – that’s why we developed a system of staff support to ensure we can be there when you need us most. With staff that can actually visit you at any time of the night, if needed, you know that real support is only a call away.

10. Robust referral, matching and placement process - All placements are planned without exception – our matching has been described as meticulous by Ofsted (2019). As a consequence, we had no placement breakdowns in 2018, compared to UK average of almost a quarter of placements breaking down.

11. Mosaic children and youth clubs - Hosted by support workers who run weekly clubs focusing on arts and crafts or walk and talk – providing fun time for our children.

12. Safeguarding Case Reviews – We want our children to be safe and ensure their needs are being met – that’s why we meet as a team every 3 months for each child.

13. Only the right carers -  We have a great team of people to help and support you, so we need carers who would love being part of a group of like-minded people.

14. “Paperless” data records -  All of our carers are allocated iPads and direct access to their files and their child’s files through their own Mosaic email address