Meet the team

Here at Mosaic Foster care we have a dedicated team who provide an excellent support service for all our Foster Carers, Respite Carers, Young People and Support Staff, working in our recruitment arm

We are committed to providing the best possible outcome for all the Young People in our care in Essex, Suffolk and parts of London.

Andre-PalmerAndre Palmer – Director

“I qualified as a social worker in 1997 after a career in the private sector. I worked within a children’s assessment team and then as a senior practitioner within child protection for Essex County Council. In 2000 I became a child protection pfficer with the NSPCC and later acted as manager of a specialist unit working with children and families.

I  hold an MA in Applied Systemic Theory from the Tavistock Centre, a BA in Professional Social Work Practice, a PQ Award in Childcare and an Advanced Award in Social Work.

In 2002 I became Manager of therapeutic services at Kites Children’s Services and in 2008 I became a Director and co-owner of the organisation.

In 2004 I jointly founded WillisPalmer an independent organisation which provides an a national network of independent social workers, consultant psychologists and qualified therapists.

In 2009 Roz and myself started Mosaic Foster Care to complement Kites fostering service by offering long term foster placements utilising the same tried and tested integrated treatment methodology for a wider client group.”

Roz-ParsonsRoz Parsons – Director

“I  began my career during 1985 as a founder member of the Accommodation Project, which was set up to respond to the closures of Psychiatric Institutions. The tasks include identifying alternative placements for clients who had been living in these hospitals receiving long term care.

After qualifying as a social worker in 1992, I was employed as a Deputy Manager at a Local Authority Project specialising in working with adolescents which consisted of a Residential Service and Field Work Provisions. I became Project Manager for the residential component in 1993 and was involved with two other Residential Homes in advisory, development and supportive capacities. Also during this time I worked as a College Lecturer.

In 1995 I created Kites Childrens Services. This private company provides residential, outreach, training and consultation services to young people, placement providers and agencies working with adolescents and their families.

I pioneered the development of the specialism – working with adolescents who display harmful sexual behaviour in 2000.

During 2005, I founded a Fostering Service within Kites Childrens Services which integrated with the Residential, Education and Therapeutic provisions to provide alternatives for users.

In 2009 myself and Andre started Mosaic Foster Care to complement Kites fostering service by offering long term foster placements utilising the same tried and tested integrated treatment methodology for a wider client group.”

Greg - Fostering ManagerGreg de Smidt – Fostering Manager

“I have worked as a social work front line practitioner, Manager, Senior Manager and Regional Manager across the voluntary, statutory and private sectors.  I have also held positions in social health care roles in Canada, USA, England and Scotland.   I’ve worked for small independent agencies as well as holding an executive position within a global child care agency.  In addition to my current role as Fostering Manager for Mosaic, I am also a member of the Board of Trustees for the Fostering Network.”

I have degrees in psychology and social work and have undertaken a year of psychotherapy training as well as management qualifications.  I’ve also been previously involved in research projects and I am a published researcher in respect of social work.  My real interest at present is Leadership development, as this is vital to the running of a healthy workplace that stands the test of time”.


Mel - Office ManagerMelanie Davis – Head Office Manager

“Having just joined the team at Mosaic as the new Office Manager I am learning all about my role and fostering.

I will be processing checks and applications for foster applicants, arranging panels and meetings. I will also be overseeing HR and other areas in the office.  I am looking forward to learning more and developing my role within the team.”


Dave Dunne – Head Office Administrator

“As Head Office Administrator, I work as part of the Fostering team and will usually be your first point of contact when visiting or phoning the company.  I oversee payments to Foster Carers and external service providers, keep our records updated, deal with enquiries/phone calls, organise training sessions/meetings for carers and/or staff and social events.”



jenna-pearmanJenna Pearman – Supervising Social Worker

“My name is Jenna and I am a Supervising Social Worker for Mosaic Foster Care, a specialist fostering agency based in Essex and serving Suffolk and into London. I offer practical and emotional support to the foster carers within our team in the day-to-day care of the young people”.


vivienne-osborneVivienne Osbourne – Senior Practitioner

“As a Senior Practitioner, I offer emotional and practical advice and guidance to our carers in support of the young people placed with them”.



Jan - Supervising Social Worker

Jan Henigan – Supervising Social Worker

“I started my working career in a high street bank where I remained until I took a career break in 1999 to care for my son and train to become a Social Worker.  I qualified in 2004 and worked for a London Local Authority in both the adoption and fostering teams before deciding to gain experience in the independent fostering sector in 2012.  I worked in a charitable fostering organisation for almost 6 years where I was a Senior Practitioner before joining Mosaic in November 2017 as a Supervising Social Worker”.


Rowland Coombes - Mono

 Rowland Coombes – Therapist

“The weekly sessions I provide for children and young people offer an opportunity to process past trauma either directly or indirectly in order to live a successful and fulfilled life in the future. These are complemented by regular and frequent clinical supervision for the foster carers. I attend multi-disciplinary meetings to make sense of behaviour from a systemic perspective which looks at the individual as part of their wider context. I enjoy facilitating the Foster Carer Support Groups which draw upon collective knowledge and energy to solve complex problems. It is rewarding to see the benefits for young people in their daily lived experience of the training we provide to foster carers on coping with difficult feelings (Mindfulness), building strong teams around the child (Systemic) and therapeutic approaches (Trauma-Informed)”.

Anji Wilks - MonoAnji Wilkes – Therapist

“I provide weekly sessions for Mosaic children and young people that allows them to work through past trauma so that they are able to understand and change their behaviour and work towards happy and healthy futures. These sessions are informed by their Foster Carers who I support through a supervision process so that the children and young people are our focus and can be better understood.  I use my Social Work background and experience to attend multi-disciplinary meetings to make sense of the children we support from a systemic perspective. A thorough assessment is undertaken so that I can focus my support on specific treatment goals that ensure our children can really make a change to their behaviour and ways of thinking.”


Emily Carrick – Therapist

“My role involves providing weekly therapy sessions to children and young people placed with Mosaic Fostercare.  The therapy sessions are often play based and aim to both support emotional expression and help the child to make sense of their experiences and behaviour. I also meet regularly with carers and keep up to date with the weekly diaries to understand the young people better. I enjoy my role within the multidisciplinary meetings and value thinking together with the team and about how best to support the children and young people. I also provide training on topics such as Attachment and The Secure Base Model, Problematic Sexual Behaviour and Therapeutic Communication.”

Louise Parfett

Louise Parfett – Therapist

“I am a part-time Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist at Mosaic Foster care and provide weekly therapy sessions to children and young people. I have been working with children for almost 30 years in varied roles within Education, Care and the NHS.

The weekly psychotherapy sessions aim to support children and young people’s emotional expression. This might include any difficulties and trauma experienced to help to make meaning of these experiences and any current and past problematic behaviours. Over time, this may have a positive impact and promote self-awareness, emotional regulation and healthier behaviours; promoting positive relationships and future well-being. I work in an integrative, attachment informed and psychodynamic way.

I also meet with the carers of the children I see to offer them a listening ear and therapeutic support. Guidance can be helpful at times to understand and work with the meaning behind some of their child’s behaviours.”



Tony Hockley – Safeguarding Manager

“I work with the team, foster carers and young people in creating strategies that ensure our young people are kept safe from harm and that their behaviour does not cause harm to other vulnerable people, especially children. The process is designed to encourage our young people to take incremental steps towards managing their own behaviour, and to be able to discuss difficult feelings openly. To this end the Safeguarding protocol is fully integrated with the Therapeutic programme, underpinned by the multi-disciplinary Case Discussion/Safeguarding Meeting, which I chair and which includes the Therapist, Supervising Social Worker, Social Worker and Carer. Where appropriate the Meeting will involve the participation of the young person and other primary figures involved with their care.”

Lauren-TuranskyLauren Turansky – Fostering Recruitment Manager

“ is a foster care recruitment company working on behalf of Mosaic Fostercare. Our aim is to find the best people to become foster carers at Mosaic across Essex & Suffolk. At we are committed to finding new people to join our fabulous team of Foster Carers and are the first point of contact on your fostering journey.  I am also responsible for our advertising, marketing and social media and love working with our dynamic team.”

sallyann-manthorpSallyann Manthorp – Fostering Recruitment Co-ordinator and Support Worker

“I’m the community face of and can be found with my Fostering Information stand in various supermarket foyers, shopping centres, garden and craft shows and community events. As a Respite Foster Carer for the company, I can speak from personal experience about the benefits and rewards of the role as well as explaining the process from Application to Approval.”


Karen Osborne

Karen Osborne – Support Worker

“Hi, I’m Karen and I’m a Support Worker for Mosaic.  My previous experience has been working with Young People aged 16-18 years helping to support them into independant living.  I thoroughly enjoy helping to motivate and support individuals and groups to succeed in their future.”


Peter Smart

Pete Smart – Support Worker

“Hi, I’m Pete and I’m a Support Worker for Mosaic.  I’m a qualified Youth Worker and Fostering Changes trainer. I really enjoy my work as no two days are ever the same!”