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Free Stuff and Discounts for Foster Parents in the UK

As a foster parent, you want make a difference to a young person’s life, providing them with unique experiences and thrilling challenges that prepare them for adulthood. However, going on fun holidays abroad and planning exciting activity days can often cost a lot of money - which cannot always be covered by your expenses.  

Below, the team at Mosaic Foster Care have put together the following list of the free things and discounts our foster parents can benefit from at our independent fostering agency: 

1) Discounts With The Max Card  

All foster parents can get access to a Max Card for cheaper activities and days out around the UK for them and their children. Not only do you therefore save money on trips out but you can make amazing, positive memories for the children in your care - no matter what the budget. Their partners include Haven Holidays, Butlins, Flip Out and Drayton Manor. A recommendation for our parents: we suggest that you assign the card to yourself so you can continuously use the card during all of your fostering placements. 

2) Sign up free for

Alongside the Max Card, foster parents can also sign up for - a website giving carers and care workers exclusive discounts and vouchers. They currently partner with brands such as Argos, Clarks, Thorpe Park and Apple so you can treat your foster child without paying an arm and a leg.  

3) Recommendation Bonus 

With a shortage of foster parents in the United Kingdom, Mosaic Foster Care have set up a recommendation bonus for our current parents. If you know someone who might be considering fostering, then we will give you up to £1,000 for the referral. Email with their name, contact details and a brief background to begin the process. 

4) Free Support Groups 

Here at Mosaic Foster Care, we host a range of free regular events for our foster parents. These are anything from quarterly meet-ups for our foster parents to our weekly reflective groups where our parents can share any challenges they’re having at the moment. In the summer, your foster children will also have access to a weekly activity club where they can experience everything from beach walks to theme park trips.  

Are you interested in knowing more about becoming a foster parent with Mosaic Foster Care? Give us a call on 07723 117928 or to find out more information.  

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Mosaic Foster Care is a Private Ltd Company (reg no 07133494) providing fostering placements for children and young people to age 17.
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