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The Role of A Supervising Social Worker At A Therapeutic Fostering Agency

The role of the supervising social worker (SSW) at a therapeutic fostering agency is complex, involving managerial, supervisory, educative and support functions and is one that is not always fully understood or appreciated.

I had a chat with one of our SSWs  and asked her to sum up her role.  What came out of it was surprising and enlightening and helped me to understand the variety of what she does.

  • I am a second pair of eyes for the foster parents
  • I am a listener
  • I am the researcher
  • I am a confidante – but not to be confused with someone who keeps secrets
  • I am the calm in the storm
  • I empower foster parents
  • I am attuned to the needs and stress levels of the foster parents
  • I fight for the wellbeing and wishes of the child and the foster parent
  • I help foster parents to ‘think outside of the box’ regarding behaviours
  • I help foster parents understand the child with the behaviour
  • I support new ideas for behaviour strategies
  • I am an advocate for children and foster parents
  • I am a cog in the therapeutic parenting mechanism

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