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What does a Support Worker do?

Fostering can be a challenging and rewarding experience however, it can also be a complex and emotional journey that requires a lot of support and guidance. This is where a Support Worker comes in.

How does a support worker help?

A Support Worker in foster care is an individual who provides assistance, guidance and support to foster parents, children and young people in care.

For us at Mosaic, the role of a support worker is crucial in ensuring that the needs of children and young people in care are met, but also that their strengths are developed and nurtured to flourish. Mosaic is quite unique in the fact that every child we see has a dedicated Support Worker assigned to them. This person will have been picked depending on matching their skills and ability to that of the child and will be completely in the know about what that child needs.

Support Workers will work closely with foster parents and other professionals to create a plan of action on how to support the young person, using their interests and strengths as a springboard for activities.

Support worker
Support Worker

They also provide practical and emotional support to foster parents, including sometimes facilitating 'contact' with the child or young person's birth parents or birth family. This is where the young person will have dedicated time to see their birth family and so will need an appointed adult present... that's where the Support Workers will come in.

Meet our Support Worker Pete

Why not take a look at a little introduction below from Pete who is one of our dedicated Support Workers?

"Hi, my name is Pete and I am a Support Worker for Mosaic Foster Care. My work involves supporting the young people in our care who are living with their foster family. The support I give provides both a little bit of time for the foster parent to be able to have a few hours to themselves and also so that I can do life skills work with the young people I see.

The work is immensely rewarding. I regularly see 4 young people on a weekly basis for about 3 hours each. Some of them I have now worked with for over 3 years and I hope to see them through until they are 18 and ready for their next life challenges. I also attend regular safeguarding meetings as keeping everyone safe is our priority.

It gives me a great sense of satisfaction knowing that I can help our young people to grow and learn as they go through their journey with us. I also support our young people with contact with their birth families and this tends to happen on a regular basis.  In the past we have run summer activity days which are great fun and we have done many trips to London and activities such as street dance and yoga.

Mosaic is an agency which is very much about everyone supporting our young people to achieve their best outcomes and to go on to adulthood with a solid base. I really enjoy my role as a support worker;  it is a privilege to see our young people develop and I feel proud of the work we do together."

Pete, Support Worker for Mosaic

In addition to practical support, the role of a support worker is multifaceted, indeed many of our Support Workers wear many different hats and are chameleons in their own right! They will adapt their behaviours depending on the child they are with and how they need to be nurtured. It provides the young person with another trusted adult, similar to having an aunt or uncle who you trust and know has your best interest at heart.

If you are wanting to hear more from our dedicated Support Workers, take a look at a recent interview with Content Creator Nadia and Support Worker and Supportive foster parent Sallyann.

Wanna learn more about how we support you at Mosaic Foster Care? Take a look at our How We Support You.

Mosaic Foster Care is a Private Ltd Company (reg no 07133494) providing fostering placements for children and young people to age 18.
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