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The Importance of Working In A Team For Fostering

I have worked as part of the Mosaic team for over 8 years and my main role is to find new people to be our foster parents.   I find this immensely satisfying as I know that together we are making a difference to a young person’s life.  It’s all about being part of a team.  A team around the young person; all with the same focus.  But why does being part of a team help?

A teamwork environment promotes an atmosphere that fosters friendship and loyalty. These close-knit relationships motivate employees in parallel and align them to work harder, cooperate and be supportive of one another.

Individuals possess diverse talents, weaknesses, communication skills, strengths, and habits. Therefore, when a teamwork environment is not encouraged this can pose many challenges towards achieving the overall goals and objectives.

When teamwork is working the whole team is motivated and working toward the same outcome.

Mutual support, shared goals, cooperation and encouragement provide workplace synergy. With this, team members are able to feel a greater sense of accomplishment and are collectively responsible for outcomes achieved.

When team members are aware of their own responsibilities and roles, as well as the significance of their output being relied upon by the rest of their team, team members will be driven to share the same vision, values, and goals. The result creates a workplace environment based on fellowship, trust, support, respect, and cooperation.

Lauren – Fostering Recruitment Manager

If you are considering fostering and would like to join our team of amazing foster parents, please get in touch.  You can contact us on Facebook and Twitter or email




Mosaic Foster Care is a Private Ltd Company (reg no 07133494) providing fostering placements for children and young people to age 17.
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