Becoming a foster parent FAQs: Finance & Accommodation

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You may have many questions about fostering. Here are some of the most frequently asked...

1. Is my home suitable for fostering a child?

If your home is safe and welcoming and the child has their own bedroom, then it almost certainly is.

2. Do I need to own my own home to foster a child?

You do not have to own your property to become a foster parent. The important thing is that you can provide a secure home environment.

3. Can I afford to foster a child?

When you foster a child, we give you a generous allowance to cover the costs of food, clothing, personal care, pocket money, activities and travel costs.
These payments should not affect any benefits you receive or tax you pay.

We provide guidance on how money should be spent on each child, to ensure that the child has a healthy and balanced upbringing.

The fostering allowance reflects the value we place on our carers. You will find that the allowance means you can fully meet the needs of the foster child as well as assisting you with your own living costs.

As you become more experienced and undergo more training, your allowance increases – and is reviewed.

4. Can I work and foster at the same time?

Ideally, there should be one foster parent at home on a full time basis.

If your question wasn't answered here, please contact our friendly team who will be more than happy to help.