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Additional foster care resources & jargon buster

We know it can be confusing working your way through information about fostering, so here we explain various aspects of fostering in our helpful Infoguides, which are all downloadable for your convenience.

Glossary - What does it mean?

It's very easy for professionals to use 'industry lingo',  so here we explain some of the most common acronyms you're likely to read about.  It's a simple Glossary of Terms.

What do they do?

You will also read about different people who are involved in the Young Person's care and here we explain their various roles.

What happens at?

There are meetings and reviews which are routinely held whilst a Young Person is in foster care and this section explains them clearly for you.

Independent Fostering Agency or Local Authority?

We are often asked why would you choose to foster with an IFA (Independent Fostering Agency) or the Local Authority.  Here we outline the main differences and how Mosaic Foster Care offers so much more - which is why Ofsted rate us as Outstanding.

From Enquiry to 1st Year Review

Have you ever wondered what happens after you enquire...? how does the process work...? how long is the process...? what are the various stages you go through to becoming an approved foster parent...? Please take a look at this simple timeline which should give you all the information you need.

What happens at panel?

For some people attending a fostering panel can be a daunting thought. We want to reassure you that we will make it as stress free as possible. Please take a look at this infoguide which explains what you can expect.

What will I learn at Skills to Foster?

Here we explain what training you will receive at our Skills to Foster sessions.

What is support work?

Support workers have a vital role in the development of a young person in foster care - from education to social skills and everything in between! Please read this infoguide to find out more.

What is the matching and referral process?

The referral and matching process is a perhaps the most vital part of a fostering placement. It is made carefully and with great thought. Our infoguide explains how this is implemented

Post approval/induction programme

Once you have been approved you will start our comprehensive induction programme. Please take a look and see what preparation you will have to be ready for your first placement.

What happens at the Initial Home Visit?

After you have made your enquiry you will have an initial home visit. This guide is to help you get the most out of this stage of the application process and explains what to expect.

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