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New to Fostering?

With a decades worth of experience in foster care, Mosaic are well placed to ensure that both the children in our care, and our foster parents, are supported and aided by our therapeutic approach.

But, don’t just take our word for it. Hear from one of our approved foster parents below and find out how we can ease you into fostering gradually, with continued guidance, support and training throughout.

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At the time of writing, the speaker was newly approved as an eligible foster parent.

“I was recently approved as a foster parent and never having fostered before, I felt a mixture of excitement and uncertainty whilst waiting for my first child to be placed with me. However, the team at Mosaic Foster Care were amazing and really put me at ease. They understood how I might be feeling and guided me through my first few months.”

“I was invited to attend support groups, training events and social activities with other foster parents and staff, so I felt like part of the team straight way. I was also offered an opportunity to participate in the children’s clubs where I got to know some of the children through observation and interaction. There was no pressure and I could choose to be as involved as much or as little as I wanted. Mosaic also covered the cost of my travel along with an hourly payment. I now have the option to become part of the support team alongside fostering as I enjoyed the experience so much.”

“Whilst waiting for my first placement I provided respite care a few times which was brilliant as I had had no previous experience of fostering and I had got to know the children at one of the clubs I helped out with. This was all carefully planned and took into account the child’s needs and made me feel confident ahead of my first full-time placement. I feel so supported by the team and the whole therapeutic approach and now I have a child placed with me I have got the skills to be the best foster carer I can.”

If you are new to fostering, find out about how Mosaic Foster Care supports its foster parents by visiting our How We Support You page, or by viewing Our Reviews.

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