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LGBTQ+ Adoption and Fostering Week '23

LGBTQ+ Fostering and Adoption week
LGBTQ+ Adoption and Fostering week

LGBTQ+ Adoption and Fostering week '23 is in full swing!

This week is hosted by new family social with an aim to raise awareness for the LGBTQ+ community to Adopt and Foster. Whilst the theme of LGBTQ+ adoption and fostering week this year is all about fostering or adopting sibling groups (something with we do not offer at Mosaic) we still feel it important to support the cause and raise awareness!

We at Mosaic believe that anyone who has the capacity to open their home, has the willingness to learn from their life experiences and is open to changing the life of a child for the better, would make a good foster parent.

Not only do we find the inclusion of LGBTQIA+ communities to be of importance to us in our cohort of foster parents but also as we know that we may welcome children from these communities into our agencies too! As an agency committed to diversity practices, we hope to be allies to all kinds of communities.

corambaaf has pulled together some amazing resources from their library about the experience of fostering and adopting form an LGBTQ+ perspective. If you want to learn more we suggest taking a look into them!

We are on the lookout for people in Essex from all kinds of backgrounds who think they would make great foster parents no matter the gender you identify with or your sexual orientation. We also provide extensive support to young people who come to us and identify with these communities. This support is for the young person, and their foster parents and includes a focus on having a therapeutic approach to those who may be struggling with identity in terms of their gender or sexual orientation.

The need for more LGBTQ+ people to consider adoption or fostering is as great as ever. 

New Family Social

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