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Introducing Our Panel Members

We are often asked about who will be sitting on Panel as it can be quite a daunting thought for some people. We want to assure you that we do all we can to put you at ease and make you feel relaxed and positive.

At last week’s Panel Mr and Mrs T were recommended to join our amazing team of foster carers. They were initially applying with their Local Authority, but were having such a negative experience that they thought they would contact an Independent Fostering Agency. They did a search on line, found our website… and liked what they saw! Less than 5 months later they are now ready to embark on their new life as therapeutic foster carers with Mosaic Foster Care.

Our Panel Members come from all backgrounds and bring a variety of experience to the process.

IM has been a part of our Panel for many years and her expertise is in education. Here’s what she had to say:

“The working environment at Mosaic is welcoming, friendly and child focused with childrens’ art work on display. Photographs of staff are displayed and the office space is warm and inviting. Refreshments are available.

In comparison, some Local Authority meeting rooms are totally bare multi functional spaces; no pictures, hard wooden chairs. The environment is austere and carers must feel more nervous in such surroundings.

I began sitting on foster panels seven years ago. I was prompted to join a panel because as a teacher I worked with pupils who were in care. I wanted to understand how the fostering service worked and why young people came into care. I was meeting regularly with foster carers in school and wanted to know more about their role and how and why they became carers in the first place.

Being a panel member is both a privilege and a responsibility. Prior to the meeting we are provided with extensive written reports on each applicant. It is our job to read these carefully and come to panel prepared to contribute our views and propose questions for the social worker or carer that will help us come to an informed decision.
We know that attending panel can be a daunting experience for some but we want to get to know you and be confident that fostering is right for you and the young people entrusted into your care.

Members come from all walks of life and we each bring our own skills and experiences to panel. We introduce ourselves at the start of panel. My background is in education but others may come from other professions. They may even be foster carers themselves. What we share is a desire to improve the lives of young people who cannot live with their families for whatever reason.

Panel members only make recommendations to the Agency’s Decision Maker. It is they that will write to you with the final decision and terms of approval.

We wish you well on your chosen path that may not be easy but will be rewarding, and be assured that you will be supported every step of the way.”

CH (Panel Vice Chair) is a Foster Carer himself and he says:

“I have been a panel member for the past 5 years for the Mosaic fostering agency. When I went on my initial training as a panel member, I was impressed that in all the standards of excellence required of a panel, and of an agency, the Mosaic panel and agency more than met these standards of professionalism and care.

It has been my privilege to be part of the Mosaic fostering panel particularly due to the support, care and ongoing standards Mosaic and the panel keeps.

It is my privilege to work alongside an agency and panel that maintains the highest levels of support for everyone in its organisation – mostly towards the children in their care, but including each foster carer, agency staff member and panel members.

It is a delight and privilege – not a “Job” to work within this organisation. I feel everyone’s view is listened to and valued – mine included”.

If you have any further questions you would like to ask, please email

Mosaic Foster Care is a Private Ltd Company (reg no 07133494) providing fostering placements for children and young people to age 17.
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