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Panel Discussion To Represent What Happens At Our Own Fostering Panels

Fostering FAQs: What Happens At Panel?

Have you ever wondered what actually happens when you go to a fostering panel? Some applicants find the thought of this very daunting, but we want to reassure that you do not need to worry unnecessarily.  We will make sure that you are well prepared for what to expect and hopefully we can allay any […]
Woman and Teenager Talking To Represent Support Workers in Fostering Essex

Fostering Essex: The Role of a Support Worker

This week I spoke to one of our young person's support workers to find out more about his role within our agency. "Hi, my name is Pete and I am a Support Worker for Mosaic Foster Care. My work involves supporting the young people in our care who are living with their foster family. The […]
Aly Thompson, Therapeutic Lead

Introducing Aly Thompson: Mosaic Foster Care's Clinical Lead

Meet our Clinical Lead, Aly Thompson Meet our Clinical (therapeutic) Lead at Mosaic Foster Care; Aly Thompson. Aly is our full time Clinical Lead. With over 10 years as a foster parent herself, Aly has studied to Master’s level at Essex University as a psychodynamic organisational therapist. She brings a wealth of experience, working in […]
Therapeutic Parenting With Mosaic Foster Care

How To Be The Best Therapeutic Foster Parent

Being the best therapeutic foster parent you can be is an interesting topic as (and we will let you in on a little secret here) there really is no way to BE the best you can only DO your best! You dont need to have any initial expeirence with fostering to become a foster parent, […]
Hands touching in a circle to represent teamwork in fostering

The Importance of Teamwork in Fostering

We see many different types of teams here at Mosaic and it is clear to us that teamwork is such a valuable skill we all need to have. Essentially the Support we offer is all about being part of a team. A team around the young person and you; all with the same focus.   But why is […]
key roles People Involved in Fostering

Eight Key Roles and People you may meet on your fostering journey.

Who are the eight key roles you may meet in fostering? We know what it is like when you first start, there are so many key roles of people and institutions, which feel like they are never-ending! Add on top of that all of the new terminology and phrases into the mix and it can […]
Woman on laptop with call on screen to represent technology in fostering

Use of Technologies In Fostering During COVID-19

At the start of this year who would have thought that we would soon be living in a ‘virtual’ world for most of our everyday activities… speaking to friends and family, doing our shopping, going to the doctor, attending social events, meeting up with groups we belong to….. But here we are in August and […]
Kids sitting at window to represent lockdown and its effects on foster care

How Lockdown Has Affected Foster Care

This is an interesting article on how the lockdown has affected those in foster care. The impact of lockdown on Foster Carers, children and young people. By Dr Jane Herd, Orb8 CEO As we come out of lockdown and continue to manage the ongoing implication of Covid we have been thinking about what might be learnt […]
Rise in Foster Carers explained by Mosaic

Are more foster parents needed after the pandemic?

So do we think that there are more foster parents needed after the pandemic? Depending on where you take your source of information from, the percentages change, but we all know that once lockdown releases further and schools fully reopen there will sadly be a massive increase in the number of young people in crisis […]
Mosaic Foster Care is a Private Ltd Company (reg no 07133494) providing fostering placements for children and young people to age 18.
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