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Social Work Services

Our Social Workers are trained to ensure that the children and young people’s welfare is paramount.

They work in partnership with the foster parents, Mosaic therapy team and the wider professional network to ensure that all children and young people’s needs are met and that they are provided with a safe, nurturing placement where they are able to meet their potential and achieve therapeutic recovery.

The Secure Base Model is drawn from attachment theory, and adapted to include an additional element, that of family membership, for children who are separated from their birth families.

The model proposes five dimensions of caregiving, each of which is associated with a corresponding developmental benefit for the child. The dimensions overlap and combine with each other to create a secure base for the child, as represented below.

Secure Base model - social work services

The Secure Base Model:

The model provides a framework which can be of help with:

  • The assessment of prospective Foster Carers and adopters. Assessing the capacities of caregivers (birth parents, residential workers, Foster Carers and adopters) to provide a secure base for children in their care.
  • The Supervising Social Worker will visit the Foster Carers regularly to undertake supervision. These times are an opportunity to discuss the day-to-day care needs of the  children and how the Foster Carer is working to meet those needs, progress the placement care plan and integrated therapy plan.
  • Carers training needs will be assessed and discussed through supervision meetings and the Supervising Social Worker will undertake unannounced visit to Foster Carers on an annual basis.

Mosaic Foster Care carries out health and safety inspections of each fostering household to ensure the highest standard of accommodation.

The Supervising Social Worker will attend all meetings and reviews with the carer, prepare reports for annual reviews and keep a thorough and accurate record of all fostering activity.

Our Social Workers act as a hub for all information about the placement ensuring that communication is effective between all parts of the system that serve the child and placement.

Safeguarding meetings are routinely held for all children and facilitated by a dedicated Safeguarding Manager.

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