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Assessment Based Treatment for foster children


All therapeutic interventions are led by a comprehensive assessment by suitably qualified and experienced therapists. We always work directly with the child over 6-8 sessions, once in placement, as well as ensuring all information from multiple sources is synthesised into our assessment formulation.

Utilising an Assessment-based treatment model leads to the development of an integrated plan of prioritised interventions ensuring that a child's need for therapeutic recovery are carefully planned through a structured assessment model.

In the vast majority of situations this will involve individual therapeutic interventions with the child. As we only use our own people there is no waiting list and due to the diverse group of therapists we use we are usually able to ensure appropriate gender and skills mix when intervening with a child.


Following assessment a range of treatment pathways are available to address the particular needs of the child. Typically the children referred to Mosaic have experienced multiple traumas though a range of abusive experiences including sexual, physical, emotional and neglect.

Our approach couples secure base Foster Care with therapeutic interventions through a whole system approach. This approach avoids the ‘splits’ that can often occur in therapeutic work ensuring that the foster placement is as much the agent of change as the individual therapeutic relationship.

Through 2015 we are developing our use of the Trauma Wheel (Chadwick Center for Children and Families. (2009). Assessment-Based Treatment for Traumatized Children: A Trauma Assessment Pathway (TAP). San Diego, CA: Author.) to help guide our interventions.


The Trauma Wheel from TAP

The foundation of the Trauma Wheel requires the application and awareness of developmental, relational, and cultural dynamics. The therapeutic relationship and understanding of relevant cultural issues are the tyre and the rim that holds the wheel together and keeps treatment moving forward.

The spokes of the wheel and required areas of treatment, include: psychoeducation and skill building, addressing maladaptive cognitions, affect regulation, trauma integration and systemic dynamics.

The child’s developmental functioning is the driving force of the wheel and will determine how the client moves through the treatment spoke.

The Mosaic Foster Care Compass of Support

Coupled with the Trauma Wheel we have developed a systemic process for supporting our placements which is summarised below.

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