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Aly Thompson

Therapeutic Lead

How long have you worked in the foster care industry?

I have been in the foster care industry for over 15 years.

What is your favourite part of your job?

I love to be curious, thoughtful and reflective which my job as Therapeutic Lead allows me to do through helping children and foster parents.

What do you most enjoy about working at Mosaic Foster Care?

Having a sense of belonging. What we do here at Mosaic is so important and I love my job here. Helping children grow into the person we knew they could be is such a rewarding experience. Our SMILE framework helps children achieve their full potential and the growth is an incredible thing to watch.

What do you do to relax?

I like to swim and walk my dogs.

Which quote has influenced you the most in life?

"The most ordinary countertransference state is a not-knowing-yet-experiencing one. I know that I am in the process of experiencing something, but I do not as yet know what it is, and I may have to sustain this not knowing for a long time." Christopher Bollas

Aly Thompson, Therapeutic Lead

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our team
Mosaic Foster Care is a Private Ltd Company (reg no 07133494) providing fostering placements for children and young people to age 18.
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