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Training for Foster Parents

At Mosaic Foster Care, we understand that each foster parent has their own starting point and that their learning journey will be unique to them and their circumstances.

Which is why we support learning from the very earliest stages. From our informative initial home visits, three-day Skills to Foster preparation training, inductions, and ongoing knowledge and skills development, we are with you every step of the way. Foster parents also have access to a wealth of information on our dedicated information Hub (Mo’s Hub) with forms, guidance, and training materials available.

“We also tailor training depending on the needs and existing skills and knowledge of the child and foster parents.”

Greg de Smidt, Registered Fostering Manager

We provide the following training for foster parents

The training courses offered are reviewed on an annual basis and are chosen in order to fulfil the following four criteria:  

Step 1

Provide foster parents with the mandatory learning requirements as set out in the Fostering Regulations 2011 National Minimum Standards (NMS) and local authority contracts. This includes completion of the Training, Support, and Development Standards (TSD) Workbook, which we will guide you through. Upon completion, foster parents are promoted to the top of their fostering pay scale.

Step 2

Provide therapeutic learning through our SMILE model in order to help foster parents promote recovery for our children.

Step 3

Provide foster parents with ongoing learning and development opportunities so that they can progress their professional knowledge and understanding to better support themselves and others.

Step 4

Foster child specific learning required for foster parents to meet the particular or specialist needs of their foster child.  

Mosaic is proud to offer and host an Annual Conference which brings together foster parents, school staff, local authority social workers and Mosaic staff in partnership with colleagues working within therapeutic communities, such as the University of Essex.

We also offer training and conferences through the Institute of Recovery from Childhood Trauma, through our Director’s trusteeship of the charity.

“It is really enjoyable and really good to learn about the children. It is all the training needed to help you be the best foster parent that you can be.”

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