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A great milestone: 100 Reflective Practice Sessions

100 reflective practice session milesone hit... say what!?!

100 reflective practice sessions
100 reflective practice sessions

We have just hit a massive milestone at Mosaic. Thats right, we have made it to 100 reflective practice sessions for our wonderful foster parents!

So what is Reflective Practice?

Well we think The University of Cambridge offers an interesting insight.

Imagine that you come home at the end of a really bad week where everything possible has gone wrong. When you walk in the front door you are confronted with a time machine which can take you back to Monday morning so you can live the whole week over again. You use this opportunity to think about everything that went wrong and what you could do (if anything) to correct things as well as trying to repeat the things that you have done right. It may not seem like it but this is reflective practice - the act of thinking about our experiences in order to learn from them for the future. 

The University of Cambridge Website. Want to read the whole article in their handy reflective practice toolkit?

What is Reflective Practice to us at Mosaic and why are 100 reflective practice sessions a big deal for us?

This is Aly Thompson, our Therapeutic Lead at Mosaic.

This means that she is one of the people who deliver our reflective practice across the whole company.

For us, reflective practice goes above and beyond just supporting our foster parents, it is actually available for all staff!

Hitting 100 reflective practice sessions is a big milestone for us and it just goes to show how much we truly want to support you in your journey with us. Reflective practice is one of the ways in which we support you. It gives you a safe space to talk with our therapy team about how you are feeling, what your week has been like and what experiences you have had and to unpick common themes within our fostering cohort.

Reflective practice plays a massive role at mosaic, I try to get in on one every week, they really do help. It's something very different to how it's been treated in my previous job. With Mosaic you aren't told what you could have done better, you reflect on what you have done right and what the next steps could be. Your confidence grows when you are treated as an equal.

Foster Parent

We know that for us to truly offer up a therapeutic foster service, giving people a space to de-compress and share their own feelings is a natural option.

In our reflective practice groups we all embark on a journey together using our our own personal discovery of our own experiential knowledge to think and learn together about ourselves and our work.  

Aly Thompson

Mosaic Foster Care is a Private Ltd Company (reg no 07133494) providing fostering placements for children and young people to age 18.
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