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Inspiring stories: Barry Keoghan, from foster care to the Oscars

Who is Barry Keoghan?

  • Barry Keoghan is an actor known for 'The Eternals', 'The Batman' and most recently 'The Banshees of Inisherin'.
  • He hails from Dublin, Ireland.
  • He was also a foster child.

Life in Foster Care

Want some good news to brighten your day? Yesterday 30-year-old Irish actor Barry Keoghan was nominated for 'Best Supporting Actor' in this year's Oscars (which he has dedicated to his baby son).

Why would this interest us, a foster agency, I hear you say? Well, we at Mosaic are always looking to celebrate those who have come from fostering backgrounds and as it goes Barry Keoghan was in the foster care system from the age of 12 after the passing of his mother. He lived in 13 different homes.

What has Barry Keoghan got to do with Mosaic?

When talking to the Late Late show in 2018, Keoghan is very open about his experience in the foster system. He talks about how he would start to feel settled in a house and then be moved to the next. It is this uprooting which we are trying to work against at Mosaic Foster Care.

"Every family was good to us but as a kid you dont know whats happening, you know, you get attached, you get attached and the boom, lets move over here and then lets move over here you know what I mean so I dont have a home town."

Barry Keoghan in an interview on the Late late show in 2018

You can watch this section from the interview from the Late Late show on youtube here or to read about it and learn more about Keoghan's journey to stardom, head to independent IE.

At Mosaic, we only offer long-term placements and this is one of the reasons! We know to recover from trauma takes real time and when you are moved from home to home there is less time available. We also don't want to add to the trauma of settling a child in a home they may love, to then move them on. 

Our team of therapists and social workers will make a tailored plan for all of our foster children with a constant focus on helping them to recover and heal as much as possible. Without time, we would not be able to really help these children as much as we do. One of the ways we know this is working is our latest Ofsted report!

Want to learn more about long-term fostering, take a look here The L in SMILE

So we want to say huge congratulations to Barry Keoghan on his nomination and success! Foster children really can do anything!

Want to learn more about long-term fostering? Connect with us today.

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