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What they say about us

From our carers

"Myself and E have found our first year fostering challenging at times, but very rewarding.  We started with a few weekends of respite care which we really enjoyed.

This was invaluable experience and helped our confidence going forward.  It allowed us a sneak preview of what we needed to be and how we could improve in full time placement.

We found the matching process at the start to be well structured and although we felt rushed by the local authority, we were supported well by Mosaic who refused to hurry the process.

We have had a difficult full time placement at times with many complex issues, but have always felt well supported and appreciated by Mosaic.

They have acted on any situation where we were in need of help and have supplied us with a friendly supportive ear as well as excellent advice and strategies.

Our Supervising Social Worker and Therapist have been invaluable support and are always available should we need help.

We have taken advantage of the support group which has become an invaluable outlet to discuss problems and listen to more experience carers, and have built up good relationships with other members of the group."
E and E – Carers for 1 year

"I have looked at other agencies and none offer even 75% of the level of support Mosaic offers."

"The support we receive is second to none, the agency gets better and better year after year."

"It provides brilliant support without which the young person wouldn’t be able to remain with us."

"My SSW has always been there to advise me, even over the weekend and at night.  As a single carer she’s been my biggest support."
B carer since 2015

From School

"Blown away by the support the agency put in place and insight of therapist."

From young people in our agency

"I genuinely feel so attached."

"I wouldn’t change it at all, it’s just easy and natural.  I want to be with her forever."

"It’s helped me with my anger and helped me build a better relationship with my family."

"The therapy has been really helpful."

"I love the way she helps me feel welcomed and loved."

"I’ve changed so much.  I’m a nicer person and care about other people more."

"They’re the nicest people I’ve been with, they listen to me and the best thing they cook is macaroni cheese."

"I feel loved."

"My carer says I love you all the time."

"It’s the longest I’ve ever lived with foster carers.  I feel that they are like my actual family.  I feel safe.  I feel happy."
– With Mosaic since 2016

I’m not scared when I go home but really excited and can’t wait to go home.  They treat me like part of the family.  This makes me feel happy – With Mosaic since 2017

"I love it, it’s chilled out.  I spend time with X and X (or “Mum” and “Dad”).  We always have a great laugh.  I help out by washing up (sometimes), feeding the dogs, housework like hoovering."
– With Mosaic for 4 years

From Social Workers

"I absolutely believe they are doing everything they can.  I’m really impressed with their responses. They have a really good safeguarding insight and are always a step ahead."

"The therapy insight has been priceless and everything has been put into action, everyone is really open."

"He’s just part of the family, the carers are so attuned to him."

"Supervising social workers are really good and are part of the team around the child."

"I feel really lucky; it’s a lovely agency to work with. I can’t see any other carers who would be able provide more in looking for a solution or the right support."

"I walk away comfortable, thinking this boy who is very high risk at times is absolutely in the right place with the right people."

"My child has made tremendous progress; it’s the best agency I have worked with."

"My child says, I love my life and rates the agency as a 10."

"The child is flourishing and thriving with the 1 on 1 attention."

"The child now has aspirations for the future."

"I was so worried that I couldn’t sleep at night, she was so vulnerable and now I have no concerns and we now have a happy, flourishing child."

"This is a really excellent agency, it’s my best one and I wish all my agencies were like this one."

"I’ve never had such a pro-active safeguarding approach."

"I almost cried to see the changes in my child. The carers are fantastic, I can’t praise them enough. They really do love the girls, the carers and agency absolutely advocate for the children."

"The kids absolutely adore the Carers, as do I."

"It really is an outstanding agency, the children are absolutely flourishing."

Mosaic Foster Care is a Private Ltd Company (reg no 07133494) providing fostering placements for children and young people to age 17.
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