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Our Team

Our team at Mosaic Foster Care are dedicated and experienced professionals who are committed to providing an excellent standard of care and support to all our foster parents, respite foster parents, children, and support staff. 

As an Ofsted Outstanding fostering agency, we strive to secure the best outcome possible for the children in our care in both Essex and Suffolk. 

mosaic foster care team celebrate ofsted outstanding
Andre Palmer - Director

Andre Palmer

Mo The Monkey

Mo The Mosaic Monkey

Office monkey and best friend to the children
Greg de Smidt - Registered Fostering Manager

Greg de Smidt

Registered Fostering Manager
Jenna Pearman, Practice Manager

Jenna Pearman

Practice Manager
Vivienne Osborne, Senior Supervising Social Worker

Vivienne Osborne

Panel Member, Play Therapist and Clinical Supervisor
Jan Henigan, Supervising Social Worker

Jan Henigan

Supervising Social Worker
Millie Clarke, Supervising Social Worker

Millie Smith

Supervising Social Worker
Aly Thompson, Therapeutic Lead

Aly Thompson

Therapeutic Lead
Emily Carrick, Therapist, Trainer and Panel Member

Emily Carrick

Panel Member, Play Therapist and Clinical Supervisor
Lauren Turansky, Fostering Recruitment Manager and Panel Member

Lauren Turansky

Fostering Recruitment Manager and Panel Member
Melanie Davis, Office Manager

Melanie Davis

Office Manager
Dave Dunne, Administrator and Support Worker

Dave Dunne

Support Worker
Cheryl Burn, Bookkeeper

Cheryl Burn

Debbie Adams, Support Worker and Fostering Advisor

Debbie Adams

Recruitment Advisor and Support Worker
SallyAnn Manthorp, Support Worker and Support Foster Parent

SallyAnn Manthorp

Foster Parent & Fostering Support Worker
Nadezhda Beaumont, Content Marketing Manager

Nadezhda Beaumont

Content Marketing Manager
Callum Ford, Student Supervising Social Worker

Callum Ford

Student Supervising Social Worker
Louise Ford, Referrals Co-ordinator

Louise Beck

Referrals Co-ordinator
Helen Carrick, Support Worker

Helen Carrick

Support Worker
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Mosaic Foster Care is a Private Ltd Company (reg no 07133494) providing fostering placements for children and young people to age 18.
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