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Therapeutic Fostering: A Heartwarming Moment in a Young Person's Life

This is just one of many, many success stories that I felt I needed to share. After all, what is therapeutic fostering all about if not to help the young people achieve their full potential?

From the supervising social worker:

"I received this from two of our foster parents who are so proud and full of praise for their young person who brought home the head teachers award.

Before moving in with these foster parents, this lovely little boy was not able to manage full time school, struggled to engage and his attainment levels were worryingly low. It’s amazing to see the transformation into a confident little boy who loves school and is able to make and maintain friendships. He feels safe, nurtured and cared for at home and school are reaping the awards from the therapeutic parenting he is receiving."

Me and C are very proud foster parents. We had this young person’s parent teacher meeting a short while ago. His teacher had only but praise for him. He said since September he seems to have really settled, and he is very polite, helpful, and joining in with other children doing tasks, which is so lovely to see. His teacher said he had done some work on plastics and rubbish in the ocean, it was so good he put it on the wall behind his desk and he was proud of him.

This makes us so proud because if you knew this young person and how it’s so hard to get him to write, it’s a real achievement for him. Also, he received the Head Teachers Award this week. He achieved a grammar hammer score of 21. Plus, he helped his teacher defuse a situation with one of the other children having quite a bad meltdown. To say we are proud is an understatement as last term our young person and this particular child were constantly fighting and arguing.

Are you interesting in therapeutic fostering? Help a young person achieve their full potential by calling 07723 117928 to find out more.

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