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Appreciation award for foster parents

Celebrating the Dedication and Commitment of Foster Parents: Mosaic Foster Care's Appreciation Award

Mosaic Foster Care introduce an appreciation award for long serving foster carers, of up to £500

Eight key roles you may meet on your fostering journey.

Who are the eight key roles you may meet in fostering? We know what it is like when you first start, there are so many key roles of people and institutions, which feel like they are never-ending! Add on top of that all of the new terminology and phrases into the mix and it can […]
Support worker

What does a Support Worker do?

Fostering can be a challenging and rewarding experience however, it can also be a complex and emotional journey that requires a lot of support and guidance. This is where a Support Worker comes in. How does a support worker help? A Support Worker in foster care is an individual who provides assistance, guidance and support […]

Do I have to have had birth children to be a foster parent?

A fostering question we are often asked is ‘Do we have to have had our own children to foster?’ and the simple answer is ‘No’. Read the full answer here.
First year fostering with Mosaic

Your first year fostering with Mosaic

What does your first year of fostering look like when you join Mosaic? Mosaic only offers long-term fostering, this means that the first year of fostering may be one of many.  We thought it may be useful for you to see what that first-year fostering looks like for you. What the steps are in becoming […]

What is "Skills to Foster" training?

As part of the assessment process to become a foster parent you are required to attend a 3-day training course called Skills to Foster.  It is a pre-approval preparation course to give you a deeper understanding of fostering, to provide you with information about the skills and abilities needed, how it will impact your life […]
Fostering at Easter

What is Easter like as a foster parent?

We all know that Easter is a big symbol of new beginnings. But what is Easter like as a foster parent? We asked our Therapeutic lead Aly Thompson what she thought about fostering at Easter. They need to nurture themselves and accept nurture from others as much as possible. Receiving nurture lowers the risk of […]
Open book to represent fostering glossary

Fostering Terms: What Does It Mean?

Making fostering terms manageable As with all businesses fostering has lots of acronyms and terms which can at times be confusing to get your head around. We at Mosaic aim to make things as easy as possible for you, and helping to understand terminology is no different! Take a look at some of the terms […]
Meet our Panel Members

Introducing Our Panel

What is the panel? After you have applied and had all of your checks done you will be invited to what is known as the panel. This is a group of individuals who will take a look at your whole portfolio and ask you questions about why you want to be a foster parent and […]
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Mosaic Foster Care is a Private Ltd Company (reg no 07133494) providing fostering placements for children and young people to age 18.
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