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How We Support You

At Mosaic Foster Care, we value our foster parents and the children in our care, so we ensure that we are on hand to provide support at all times, whether that is emotional or financial support.

How we support you

Here are just some of the ways that we ensure our families are happy and motivated:

Meticulous Planning

Our fostering placements are always carefully planned with our foster parents and always carefully considered, so when a child is placed with you at your home, you already have a solid foundation on which to continue to build your relationship.

Therapeutic Care

A therapist is allocated to every foster parent and child when needed, to help develop a shared understanding and help identify any barriers to progress in the foster parent / child relationship.

Support Workers

Support Workers are allocated to each child to help develop their emotional and social skills, whilst giving the foster parent time to reflect.

Comprehensive Assessment

We provide comprehensive assessments to identify the child’s strengths and needs through shared dialogue between foster parent, social worker, social care, education, therapist and support worker.

Therapeutic Model

 Our therapeutic model of practice through the SMILE program, which is designed to help everyone work together collaboratively and think and act therapeutically through our integrated recovery plans.

Reflective Practice Groups

This service is provided to our foster parents and all staff members across Mosaic. These groups offer an opportunity to talk with like-minded people facing the same challenges and rewards of working, and fostering, for Mosaic. Facilitated by our own therapists these regular groups offer an invaluable time to reflect.

Safeguarding Reviews

We conduct reviews every three months to ensure that both the children in our care and their foster parents feel safe. Social workers and therapists are invited to join the review to provide further insight and support in the safeguarding of our families. During the review meeting, several key topics are discussed including the home, community and school life of the child and therapy and support group progress, before immediate action points are identified between all parties.

Robust Out of Hours Service 

We understand that fostering is a 24/7 role which is why we have developed a system of staff support to ensure we can be there when you need us most. 

Finance, Travel and Holiday 

We have created a package that rewards foster parents for their invaluable work. We pay up to £700 per week, pay mileage related to the child’s placement and offer three weeks paid ‘holiday’.

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Mosaic Foster Care is a Private Ltd Company (reg no 07133494) providing fostering placements for children and young people to age 18.
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