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The Importance of Teamwork in Fostering

We see many different types of teams here at Mosaic and it is clear to us that teamwork is such a valuable skill we all need to have. Essentially the Support we offer is all about being part of a team. A team around the young person and you; all with the same focus.  

But why is teamwork so important?

One of the big ways in which teamwork is important is because working as part of a unit helps us to foster a joint sense of friendship, loyalty and trust. Having close relationships helps us to motivate each other and be more supportive of others' needs. 

Aside from the way it makes us feel towards our work and the communities around us, everyone is different! Each person comes to the table with a unique set of skills, experience and ideas which is solely unique to them. everyone has talents, communication skills and habits which they bring can be used to either make something better or bring a new idea or way of thinking to the forefront. When a teamwork environment is not encouraged, we miss out on all of this wealth of skills and goals can be harder to achieve.

Why is teamwork important to Mosaic?

When teamwork is working the whole team is motivated and working toward the same outcome.

Mutual support shared goals, cooperation and encouragement provide workplace synergy. With this, team members can feel a greater sense of accomplishment and are collectively responsible for outcomes achieved and this is true for fostering too!

When you choose to foster with Mosaic, you are choosing to have access to some of the most dedicated team players we know of. Our expert team all work together, each bringing their areas of experience to make sure that we are in the best possible place to support you. From our dedicated team of therapists to our social workers who have protected caseloads and can truly focus on you, there isn't a minute of the day when you won't be able to contact someone who knows about your child and can help. 

We don't like to blow our own horn but we know our support package and our dedication to teamwork is one of the big things which draw others like you to us.

How do we work as a team?

One of the many ways in which we adopt teamwork at Mosaic is in the SMILE system we have developed. SMILE is our unique therapeutic model and is used in everything we do from training to therapy. It is the way we train our foster parents to parent therapeutically and has developed from a joint collaboration between our therapeutic lead Aly and our Practice Manager Jenna.

Aside from this, we have a great deal of support offered to you once you have had your child placed. From a designated Support worker who will work with your foster child to develop their strengths and improve things, they could improve on, to our on-call service of social workers who are on the end of the phone whenever you need us. By gaining a well-rounded understanding of your foster child, we can best help them by working as a team to support their recovery from trauma. 

Teamwork really is the heart of all that we do and without it, we would not be able to deliver the Ofsted outstanding support system which we have. Want to read more about our report? Find it on the Ofsted website here. 

Think you could be a great fit for our team? Why not drop us a line today.

Mosaic Foster Care is a Private Ltd Company (reg no 07133494) providing fostering placements for children and young people to age 18.
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