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Mosaic's Foster Parent Review Procedures

Foster Parent Reviews at Mosaic foster care

Each Fostering Household will receive a review annually, unless there are significant changes to the circumstances, in which case, we will conduct a review at that time.

These circumstances may include:

  • After the final strategy meeting of a Child Protection Investigation involving a carer(s)
  • Where allegations have been made regarding a carer(s) child care practice and no Child Protection investigation is pursued.
  • Where there has been a breakdown in the approved carer’s relationship resulting in one carer moving out of the household. In this instance both carers will be subject to review except where one/or both carers has given notice of an intention to resign.
  • Where there have been significant changes to the carer’s lifestyle.
  • Where there has been the death of a carer.
  • Where a carer has been diagnosed with a serious illness.
  • When a carer has stopped or started living with a partner.
  • Where a carer is not working in partnership with the agency including a lack of willingness to attend training.

The annual household review will address the carer’s training and development needs for the next year and suggest, if required, alterations to their approval status. The ECM (Every Child Matters) outcomes are covered to provide a picture of how the carer works with the children and young people in their care.

Reports will be requested from the LA Social Worker, school, supervising social worker, carer, the child/young person in placement, the birth family (if appropriate) and any other interested party, to give an overview of the care provided.

Carers will be invited and encouraged to attend all panel reviews.

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