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Helen Carrick

Support Worker

How long have you worked in the foster care industry?

Since 2019

What is your favourite part of your job?

Spending one-to-one time with the young people I support.

What do you most enjoy about working at Mosaic Foster Care?

I love that Mosaic puts a focus on therapy as part of the foster care journey. I have found this to be critical for some young people during my 16+ years working in local government supporting adults, young people and families in various operational and strategic roles. Mosaic provides lots of training and opportunities for all staff, which I highly value, and seeing the positive impact the agency's approach can have on the young people we support.

What has been the most memorable moment for you in your foster care carer?

I have had a few memorable moments already! The first time on of the younger people I support fell asleep in the back of my car on the way home from a day out at the beach, and the first time the youngest child I support gave me a big hug unprompted!

What do you do to relax?

Gardening in the summer; sewing and crafting in the winter.

Which quote has influenced you most in life?

"Don't let your past define you: it was a lesson, not a life sentence."

Helen Carrick, Support Worker

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our team
Mosaic Foster Care is a Private Ltd Company (reg no 07133494) providing fostering placements for children and young people to age 18.
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