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COVID 19 & Trauma

This is an interesting video by the author of the book The Body Keeps the Score . In the video he explores the way in which traumatic experiences are defined by unpredictability and loss of control and our current experience of lockdown because of COVID 19. He offers helpful ways in which we can introduce predictability into our home life, whilst our external lives are on hold.

As a therapeutic fostering service we often discuss the importance of a high structure / high nurture environment for the children and young people we care for. These twin strategies of therapeutic parenting, help to provide security and safety for the child with a sense of predictability (high structure). Coupled with nurture and praise, often in small yet frequent doses, so the child does not feel overwhelmed, helps children to recover from their past experiences.

In later stages of the video he discusses some useful ways in which we can all nurture ourselves, through our friendships with family to nurturing our mind, body and soul.

Take care and stay safe

Andre Palmer

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