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How we support you

When we started, we realised that our carers would need to be properly rewarded for the work they did, which is why almost fifty percent of the fee we charge goes direct to our foster carers and the young people they care for, via a guaranteed weekly payment.

A holiday can do wonders, which is why we provide three weeks paid holiday a year, meaning a break for you, and for your child to spend some time with one of our dedicated respite foster carers.

We build our support in, right from the off. Our dedicated support workers and therapists are allocated from the start so that your child can build a relationship with other adults, so they can rely on someone they know if the going gets tough.

Our placements are always planned which means that when the child walks through your door you already know them and they you – we don’t place on an emergency basis – our matching of children to carers is exceptionally robust, which means our rate of placements not working out is very low – none last year!

Please take a look at our fourteen reasons why for the full list of what we do for our carers… and see how our approach, together with you, makes the difference in our children’s lives.

14 Have a look at our 14 reasons why you should foster with us

“Blown away by the support the agency put in place and insight of the therapist”
School Teacher, Ofsted 2019

Mosaic Foster Care is a Private Ltd Company (reg no 07133494) providing fostering placements for children and young people to age 17.
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