Training for foster parents

Mosaic Foster Care believes that training is an essential part of foster parents’ learning and development.

We also believe that training is best delivered directly to foster parents so that they can benefit from interaction with the trainers and each other.

Other methods of training delivery e.g. online, will be considered on a case by case basis.

What training we offer to foster parents:

The training courses offered are reviewed on an annual basis and are chosen in order to fulfil the following criteria:

  1. Provide foster parents with the mandatory learning requirements as set out in the Fostering Regulations 2011 National Minimum Standards (NMS).
  2. Provide foster parents with the learning required in order to foster for Mosaic Foster Care.
  3. Provide foster parents with ongoing learning and development opportunities so that they can progress their professional knowledge and understanding.
  4. Provide foster parents with required knowledge regarding any special or additional needs of the child in their care. This is usually achieved through 1 to 1 training sessions by one of our therapists or an external consultant.

Mosaic uses a combination of in-house trainers with years of direct fostering and related experience as well as specialist external trainers as required.

In addition to trainers, our therapy team also runs thematic workshops throughout the year that focus on issues currently being faced by our foster parents.